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Why Kangen Water?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Water is sacred. It is life force energy flowing all around us. It's such a shame that so much of the world's water is being contaminated, bottled, and denied its incredible healing properties.


Bottled water is highly acidic (even the "alkaline" bottled stuff is just acidic water with alkaline additives) and contains hundreds of chemicals through the purification process, as well as what is leached from the plastic container itself.

Our bodies are naturally alkaline. Dis-ease cannot survive in an alkaline environment. When we consume acidic things, we are allowing oxidation to occur within our bodies-- speeding up the aging process and increasing our chances of developing lifestyle related dis-eases.

Think of an apple. When you cut one open and leave it on the counter, it oxidizes, turns brown, and begins to waste away. This process of oxidation is exactly what occurs in our bodies every day when consuming acidic water and food.

There are many conditions, ailments, and diseases that have been linked to oxidative stress. To name a few: cancer, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, chrons disease, re-flux disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, and many more.

Kangen water has the ability to reverse the process of oxidation and literally rebuild your body and your health from the inside out.

But how?

Kangen water is alkalized, ionized, and antioxidant rich. It balances your body's pH, and neutralizes free radicals in your body which are responsible for aging and disease. You won't get that from your tap or bottled water.

The pH (potential of Hydrogen) in your body and in your foods plays a huge role in your health.

Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant, and has been shown to have many therapeutic effects on the organs and body as a whole.

This water takes on all these properties and more as a result of the ionization process. This is why I always say Kangen machines are so much more than a filter for your tap. Inside each machine are 8 platinum-dipped titanium plates. These plates create the electrical process of ionization.

As you can see in the photo, the filtration system is only a very small part of this machine, though a very valuable and essential part.

Through the process of ionization, Kangen machines are able to produce 5 types of alkalized ionized water.

Because of the ability to select your desired pH, there are so many different ways to use Kangen water that will allow you to free yourself from hundreds of household cleaning products, body care products, and so much more

These medical-grade ionization machines produce water with REVOLUTIONARY PROPERTIES that will change your health and body from the inside out:

Micro-clustering- Kangen water is reduced, or "micro-clustered". This means that the water molecules form in smaller clusters, which are better able to penetrate cell walls and hydrate the cells more effectively and efficiently.

Anti-oxidation- Kangen water is loaded with active hydrogen, which helps to neutralize the active oxygen within our bodies (also known as free radicals) . Free radicals are responsible for oxidative degeneration within our bodies and are what allow disease to occur (the apple analogy). Two glasses of Kangen water contains the same amount of antioxidants as 5 POUNDS of blueberries!

Alkalinization- As I mentioned above, dis-ease cannot survive in an alkaline environment, and it thrives in an acidic one. Our bodies tend to be more acidic due to natural stress, the food we eat, and toxins in our environment. All the active hydrogen in Kangen water helps to create an alkaline buffer in our bloodstream, which will help to neutralize the acidity when these things come into our system.

The K8 is Enagic's newest machine, with 8 platinum coated titanium plates, this machine offers maximum water ionization and increased production potential for hydrogen. It shuts down after use and has automatic cleaning features. As mentioned before, this machine produces 5 types of ionized reduced water:

Strong Kangen water- ph 11.5

Kangen water- ph 9.5 to 8.5

Neutral water- ph 7.0

Acidic water- ph 6.0

Strong Acidic water- ph 2.5

You can see a complete list of all 68 uses of these different types of water HERE

If you would like to know how you can get your hands on one of these incredible, life-changing water ionizers, simply send me an email, with the word "kangen" in the subject line.

Kagnen Water Demo:




As I write this, I have been drinking 9.5 Kangen water for about 5 and a half months. In this time, I have experienced numerous shifts in my overall quality of life. I'll share a few with you here.

The first benefit that I noticed was the physical feeling of better hydration. Upon taking my first sip, I could immediately feel the water hydrating my body on a deeper level. It's not so easy to put this sensation into words-

maybe it will be easier to understand as compared to how I felt previously drinking normal bottled water. I think we can all relate to the sloshy-feeling of water sitting in the stomach. I never feel this when drinking Kangen. I can literally chug a full liter- or two- and it absorbs into my body instantly. If I ever have a headache, I just quickly down a large glass of Kangen and within minutes, it's gone.

I can also visibly see the effects of this better hydration as well: My skin is more even in tone, I rarely get dark circles under my eyes, and acne is pretty much non-existent now. This water just hits different.

Another major benefit that I noticed was improved quality of sleep. For the past five months or so, my sleep has been better than it has ever been in my life! I wake up feeling fully rested, and sleep deeper than ever. My dreams are extremely vivid, and I dream multiple dreams every night. This is something that is very new for me in my life, I've truly never experienced sleep quite like this, and it's honestly incredible.

Another thing that I've been really grateful to experience thanks to this machine, is less plastic waste! This isn't really a physical change within my body, but it definitely puts my conscience at ease. Since my family and I have started using this machine on a regular basis, we've been able to cut our plastic consumption in half! That is amazing!

Not only do we not have to buy plastic bottled water anymore, but the water has been able to replace numerous household chemicals, and saves us from having to purchase things like oven cleaner, disinfectant, stain remover, and many many more.

I have also experienced improved digestion since drinking the water daily. Digestive health is a big thing for me, and if my digestion is off- I feel off. So it's been an absolute blessing to have healthy digestion every day just from changing the water I drink.

I could go on and on about all the benefits I've been experiencing since drinking Kangen water on a regular basis. It has truly changed my life, and I know for certain that my family I will use this machine for life.




If you would like to know how you can get your hands on one of these incredible, life-changing water ionizers, simply send me an email, with the word "kangen" in the subject line. We can talk pricing options, compensation plan, or anything else you may have questions about!

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