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How to show up fully in times of need

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

"I cannot lead others until I can first lead myself"

I came across this quote listening to a podcast the other morning, and its been a major theme for me these past couple weeks.

We are living in strange times. It can sometimes feel like everything is falling apart around us- but what we don't realize is that while things are being dismantled, torn down, abolished- other systems are being built. New ways of living and connecting are being born each and every day.

So how do we contribute to that? How does our role in every day life paint a piece of the big picture?

Well, first off- in order to show up for others, and make any sort of impact, we must first show up for ourselves. DAILY.

But what does that even mean? What does showing up for myself look like on a daily basis?

I know this will be different for everyone, so I encourage you to think about the number one way that you can show up for yourself on a daily basis, and BE THE LEADER OF YOUR OWN LIFE.

Because how can you lead anyone else if you cannot lead yourself first.

For me it looks like this...

(every day)

  • fresh raw fruits & veggies that are hydrating and full of life

  • getting outside and feeling the sun on my skin (or the rain)

  • taking time to sit in silence and focus on my breath, grounding & finding my center

  • hydrating with the highest quality water on earth (watery fruits & kangen) at least a gallon a day

  • staying active in a way that feels good for my body in the given moment (yoga, dance, walking, HIIT)

I could really go on and on and write a whole novel filled with all the things that bring me back into alignment so that I can show up for myself and others

But I just want to share how important it is, how necessary it is, to constantly and consistently show up for YOU.

You are a vessel for so much information, expansion, knowledge, and IMPACT.

You must take care of your vessel to perform at your highest potential.

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