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Dream Life Awakened

If you've been following along my journey for a while, you may remember when my site, and my "brand" had a different name.

I used to brand myself as "Raw Earth Elements"- In fact, I had this name for about 3 years.

See, I was 17 years old when I finally decided to put my entrepreneurial goals into motion. This is something I was dreaming of for many years beforehand, and I finally figured I would put that dream in action.

And, if you've ever heard the term "messy action", this was exactly that. I had no idea what I was doing. I had no clue how to brand myself, how to make sales online, or what to even sell.

I was really just jumping into the void, banking on the fact that something would catch me.

I'm really glad I did this though, because messy action is WAY better than inaction. Through jumping right in, I learned immediately what worked and what didn't work.

I came up with a product- which was my handmade jewelry (that I still sell today, and is much better quality than at the beginning)- I began branding myself and made this website, as well as a YouTube channel through which to share my message.

Even though I still wasn't super clear on what that message was.

But anyway, the point is- I've come a LONG way in those three years. I've really discovered what my message is, how to share that, and how to profit off of it online- which was ultimately my end goal.

I always knew that I wanted to create a better life for myself. One in which I can choose my own hours, take vacations anytime and anywhere, and still make money in my sleep- literally.

And that's exactly what I do now. Thanks to the automated platform that I joined nearly a year ago. This platform is called Breakaway Movement, and it has helped me to get clear on SO much in my business.

From starting out completely alone, not knowing how or where to start in creating online income, and really honestly failing pretty hard- to having complete and utter offer clarity, MAJOR value to share, support, online training, a solid product to sell, total automation, and so much more!

It really doesn't hit me how valuable this has been for me and my business until I take a second like this to really think it all out, and write it down.

I could go on and on about how big of an impact this shift has had on my life. But what I really want to say is that I have truly Awakened my Dream Life.

I have risen into the vibration that I could see 3 years ago, but didn't know how to touch. I am in it now. And every day, doing work like this, I am expanding on that vibrational reality for myself and hundreds of others around the world.

So that is what this new brand of mine is all about. Awakening dream-lives in everyone that I possibly can. Sharing this high vibration, and allowing others to know the truth that they have access to.

Because, truly, we all have access to this freedom. We can all make an abundant income all from our laptops or phones. We can all earn thousands in our sleep. We can redistribute the wealth of the world. We can impact lives and shatter paradigms, and experience freedom like no other.

It is our birthright. So, if any of this resonates with you at all, I highly encourage you to click on this link and watch the free webclass.

It changed my entire life, and opened me up to be a channel of abundance for myself and for others.


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